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Sara Tanderø lives and works in Oslo, Norway. She is educated at The Oslo National Academy of the ArtsSchool of Visual Arts New York, and ESAG Paris. Sara is a visual artist working with camera based art. She tries to explore new techniques in each project she works on and works very intuitively that allows a lot of experimenting, turning photography into a performance enacted before the camera. She tries to achieve a painterly expression in her photographs. Her work explores the relationship between staged photography and performance. Photographs from the collaboration project Playhideandseek have been part of several exhibitions such “The Autumn Exhibition”, in Norway and “Portrait Now” at the Museum of Natural History in Denmark, Museo de Almeria, in Spain and several group exhibitions in New York. 

My work


With Playhideandseek the perception of identity is seen trough the eyes of both the photographer and the performer. Sara Tanderø comes from a dancer background and is very interested in performance as an art form. Tine Isachsen has a background in painting and directs art and music-videos. Sara Tanderø is performing the characters in Playhideandseek and Tine Isachsen do the shooting, but the relationship on set is more a like a mutual performance than the usual relationship between a model/photographer. Isachsen perform behind the camera and Tanderø in front to create a surreal universe that no other can enter. Isachsen does not control the performance but focus on capturing the formal structures like light and composition.

About our artistic process : We only use natural light in to achieve a painterly and tactile expression in the photographs. To create our own dreamlike reality we have a few simple rules: We don’t plan in advance, search by intent and we find nothing. We don’t control our surroundings and let the location find us rather than the other way around. We are not trying to achieve perfection in our photographs or videos. We also let the props decide the visual expression and use props that we both collect over time. Then we let the location, light and the performance decide how the end result turn out. This process is very intuitive and we are inspired by the spontaneity and irrationality found in Surrealism and Dadaism.


The photo series "My Dearest Ones" is a series of portraits that explore the aspects of our personalities that we do not wish to acknowledge even ourselves. The unpleasant and unconscious ways of our ego we cannot nor wish to identify is under scrutiny in the images. We usually aim at suppressing these aspects in ourselves despite usually not being able to control them. Somehow such characteristics have a tendency of pushing themselves onto the surface almost as different personalities within oneself. Despite surfacing they still continue to hide their identity. The characters in the images are both secretive, moody and mysterious. At the same time as they are vulnerable and do not dare to show their true face in fear of being exposed, they appear unknowingly in front of us and ask us to look at them and the small details portrayed in the image.

"I am interested in and wish to explore what happens when we reveal these aspects of our personality. Do we reject them? Do we let them live on without particular or further reflection? Are they here to stay or are they here to go?I invite the viewer to contemplate further on the story behind each character and consider their own story and its reflection to the characters.The project titles ambiguous character and image titles are there to help to reinforce and suggest what these characters represent in us" Sara says

My Dearest Ones

Birdlove / Falldrawings

"Å se er å flytte seg selv inn i tingene" in norweigan  translates to"To see is to move into things". The words are taken from the poem "This fine way" which is a poem by Kolbein Falkeid. This selected part of the poem reflects on Sara Tanderøs artistry. Her photography is all about experimenting with settings by moving her own created elements in to the photographs. The elements are cut outs and drawings. Her aim is to examine what these elements, which she adds to the image, does to the existing landscape? Does her elements become an intruder of the landscape who doesn't really belong there? Do they destroy the motif or do they blend in together into an entirely new landscape? These are few of the questions she has. The answer is up the viewer.


Below Sarah and her work with mixed media 

See the clip with Sarah and her work in mixed media 

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