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Stockholm/ Sweden.

Ralf Turander´s received his education in by some of the world's foremost in photography such as Richard Avedon, Hiro, and in Sweden Sten Didrik Bellander and Tio fotografer. In 1984 Ralf received Stora Journalistpriset (The Great Journalist award) for his photography, as one of very few photographers. In 1986 he held his first solo-exhibition at Moderna Museet fotografiska (The Modern Museum of Photography) in Stockholm. Many exhibitions have followed both in Sweden aswell as in Europe.

In the n the 1970s and '80s his fashion photos filled the large weekly magazines and eventually his photo turned in to art photos and moved from fashion to the monthly interior magazines.

Ralf has participated with photographs for at least 35 books and more are under construction. Many of them reflect Sweden's cultural history. Ralf Turander is among other represented at Statens porträttsamling at Gripsholms slott (Gripsholms castle) , Moderna Museet (The Museum of Modern Art), Haga slott (Haga castle) as well as in many private collections.

My work


Spruckna illusioner /"Broken Illusions"

These art works were exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm in December 1985. 

The art works are originally photographs from fashion shootings published in different fashion magazines. At this time analog photography was the only option so these photos belong to the old analogue art form. This also means enabling these collages needed some handcraft work. First thing was to develop enlargements of the photos in different sizes. The physical photographs were then torn into pieces and puzzled together to an interesting form. Then placing light over the photographs to get the right shadows and finish and after this one more round of shooting with black and white film using a large format camera. The photos was developed at one meter-size and after this the colouring process, mixing together from old recipes, to find the right color and tone. These recipes were very toxic and would definitely be forbidden in todays photographic world. Working with toxic chemicals was hard and resulted in producing only one of each photo for the exhibition at Moderna Museum. 



The photographs Svenska Folkdräkter is translated to Swedish folklore costumes. They were created for the book "Swedish folk costumes" that was published in Sweden 1996.

These folklore costumes come from Skansen's wardrobe and from private owners. Skansen was once build to show different way of living from different parts of Sweden before the industrial era. Today Skansen is one of few open air museums to preserve and exhibit the ancient Swedish inheritage. The dresses with its colors, hats, hair, apron shows from what part of Sweden you come from. 

All photographs are shoot with analog camera using color film to black background. 

Svenska Folkdräkter 



The photographs with books are from Trolleholm Castle Library and Skokloster Castle Library. These photographs was added when Ralf planned the exhibition EXLIBRIS, which has been exhibited at several places. "When I had the privilege of staying at these amazing castle libraries, I was caught by the expressions, appearance and form of the books, which adds a lot of experiences beyond the content, Ralf says.

He is one of few photographers who's has been let in documenting a big amount of the Swedish castles, and mansions. There is no well known castle in Sweden that Ralph has not preserved through his photography. 

The photographs from Skokloster Castle were photographed in connection with the 3 books he made about Skokloster.

Interiörer från Gunnebo

Interior details from Gunnebo Castle, drawn by

Carl Wilhelm Carlberg and build outside Gothenburg, Mölndal by the constructor developer John Hall, at the turn of the century 1700-1800.

JohanTobias Sergel described the finished building with its interiors: "The building is similar to poetry".


Ralf Turanders intention is to show the beauty of places, objects and environments. Beauty is to be found both in the ugly and the beautiful.


Ralf describes his photography; 

"Aretha Franklin expressed "unwillingly I talk about my music: Listen. 

Unwillingly I talk about my photographs; look"

Ralf is known in Sweden to be one of the foremost interior photographers documenting Swedish castles, mansions and country houses. There is hardly no known castle in Sweden that Ralph has not preserved through his photography. The interior photographs at piQmo are all authentic and has never been exposed in this way to be purchased.