Berlin / Germany

Marcus Nyberg is a Swedish photographer based in Berlin. He is educated at Gamleby School of Photography in Sweden and mentored by Erika Svensson. His art work are often expressed in timeless portraits with minimalistic aesthetics. 

My work



Marcus Nybergs photo serie "Presence" returns to the subject of existence, loss and the relationship between people. Is´s about close intimacy and distance. With the photo series Marcus exposes such strong feeling, of how it makes us feel, how it can shape us and our relationship with each other and our surroundings? 

The dark photographs explores the distance in a relation. You can see she is there but she is covered so she is not quite there and contrary with the light portrait that shows the welcoming warmth. Her eyes are closed but you feel her presence.  



The nature is such a natural part in life. Nature has a heeling effect on humans and my beliefs is that we are one small cog of nature and that we humans need to cherish it better. 

This photo series is from my journey in China. Waking up early meeting this powerful and motherly view.