Ina K


Bergen / Norway

Ina K Andersen is a Norwegian photographer from Bergen. She is educated in photography and visual communication. Ina got her first camera at the age of 8 years and has worked as a professional photographer for over 10 years. "I've always preferred to express myself visually since it allows me to explore more and I can capture complex moments and events”.  

Ina also works creatively in commercial contexts with various branding projects. She lives in Oslo with her husband and children who has played a major part in her photographic art works. "Transparency and information are crucial to me because it is through understanding that we truly can accept the truth and the ability to be free," Ina says.

My work



Echo is a study photographic art works with the idea that history repeats itself. The photographic serie is based on inherited qualities ecieved from her familly. Despite the knowledge of heritage they always made her feel trapped. As a predetermined circle. Thinking that history repeats itself, we can learn that with an understanding of the mechanisms that creates our behaviors we can be aware of our bad behaviors and thus encourage the good one.

Five years ago, the photo project "Ekko", became a way for Ina to understand and manage her partner's increased internal challenges. "The expression of the art works is a balance of my inner and physical truth, where I think that the truth is a combination of the individual's history, experience and physical reality," Ina says. The central theme of the study is mental health, hereditary characteristics and parenting role. By rediscovering old family photos as an adult, she could see hereditary also in her visual language and the way of expressing herself. "My personal desire for light and space within myself as well as being grounded was a major part of the photo project, because I think the ultimate expression is hidden in the soil and the geology that was written long before humanity appeared. The study has given me the opportunity to let go of the irreversible past by acknowledging that maybe it's only a rung echo that inevitably will catch us, "Ina K Andersen writes.

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