Stockholm / Sweden

Hélen Pe, was born 1973 in Stockholm, Sweden. Helen is educated at Fotoskolan at Riddarfjärdsskolan between 1989-1991 and Universita per stranieri Perugia at 1992 and was formerly working as assistant for Stellan Herner. Helen was among other projects part of Alexander Lervik work “15 years, 15 chairs, 15 photographers” held in cooperation with Jonas Kleerup Gallery in 2013. Helen has been taking photos since her teenage and is known for her brilliant ability to effectively manage photo shoots where widely different images are requested. Not only does she shoot for commercial projects but she also plan and shoot for her artistic projects. Food, interiors, people and environment are all included in her repertoire. Nothing is impossible for Helen. Photography to Helen means the excitement and beauty in life and something she manages to convey in her images where natural light often is common thread.

My work



"I like to use the light that is and I'll be happy when it's a little obscure. Everything must not be seen, it might disappear in the darkness. It gives a more profound sense. "


By Hélen Pe

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