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Fabrice Rondon is a self taught visual artist from France, based in Paris, France.
He studied at Parson School of Design in Paris and at La Villa in Nice. Fabrice has been working as a freelance art director since 1997 and from 2015 he started with his personal photographic art work. His first project ”Vanitas” was exhibited at One Eyeland where he won the silver award followed by publication in One Eyeland BASIC fashion magazine. After this the photo series continued to travel around at different exhibitions and he won a few photographic awards with VANITAS. (MIFA 2016, PX3 2016 and IPA 2016). 

His art works are closer to photographic painting rather than photography. "I am not so much interested in depicting reality but more in revealing an alternative one - a metaphysical reality. The closest historical inspirational art movement that could be attached to my work comes from ‘Pittura metaphysica ‘ created by Gorgio de Chirico and Carlo Carra" Fabrice describes. This art movement states that we should consider more than just the figurative and bodily, to understand ‘that which cannot be seen’. Thus meaning that the physical world is not presenting reality as it is. 

His photographic art language is spectacular. Some love it while others refuse it. For sure his art works do not pass by without any arousing feelings.

My work


Anima is exploring the symbolic representation of our divine self. In this metaphysical approach of portraiture time and space belongs to imagination. Nothing is obvious as this photography is to reveal universal and timeless archetypes through their symbolic meanings. 

"Trough these timeless enigmatic pictures I seek to represent what is beyond the physical appearance of reality, beyond the experience of the senses, to transcend the primitive sensation of psychological myths and images.

Artifacts, clothing, furniture, artworks, the solemn and detached atmosphere, the unbending poses, the static feeling, the classical yet evanescent tone, the specific aesthetic treatment are designed to reveal trough their symbolic meanings universal and timeless archetypes" Fabrice describes his art works. 

These symbolic photographies are not destined to depict the obvious but rather to unearth human psyche's primordial images.


"I deeply believe that art should not be related to its own time, whether historical, ideological or social but must be going beyond these values to rise above and ask questions of higher order ... Metaphysical questions" he ends describing this series art works.


The series « Vanities" uses eroticism as a symbolic lever allowing free rein to all mental projections.

It comes from the dream, the slip of the tongue, paranoid projection, where the life drive is

uninhibited. Tapping into archetypes with repressed energy to give them a chance to change. Stimulating suggestions, mixing desire and imagination, provoking the mind, affecting senses, questioning the essence of fantasy through a spiritual freedom - abolishing the principles of reality. Awakening the individual to creative powers that goes beyond his understanding.

Like a puzzle these photographies paint a portrait in which the focus is not necessarily one that the eye perceives spontaneously.

The intimate configuration of the portraits combined with broad framed scenes helps to dilute the subject in an apparent distance. The work puts us, through its theatricality, in a real position of

spectator. Spectator of the scene, the spectator of our own projections, spectator of ourselves.

What the work ultimately reflects is the disguised portrait of our most shameful impulses -

those of life, of death, of extravagant pleasures, trivia, of sublimated desires, pristine beauty.



This is a fun ongoing project made with an old digital camera found in the trash. To me this is an amusement project. It's like a child taking fun snapshots while playing adventures with his plastics animals. The photographs are taken in the moment and the quality of these images are done with the childish feeling. This is not part of my aesthetics or artistic work I’m normally known for. This is just something else. 

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