Curated Art

We love art. Art is personal so if you like our selection of photographic art work we are your right choice. Our expertise is photography and the selection of visual artists is handled by our curators Paula Lidström and Anna Seifert. We select and exhibit forward leaning visual artists leaving footprints with their photographic art works. 

We organize art exhibitions in both private and public spaces, we participate in art fairs, we create press-, and client meetings. 

We take pride in working with photographic art in a modern and developing manners and have actively decided to improve the old and traditional ways of working with edition in size. We do one edition and only one no matter size. 


Custom made

We tailor-make art works 

to the needs of our clients. 

By producing one edition regardless of size all our art works is offered at a more exclusive and secure art 

purchase and it also enables for clients to buy a custom made artwork at desired size -> within the artworks limitations. We ensure that no more photos in new editions or new sizes are produced. By this secure and modern way of working with art we do not dilute the editions. 

The art works offered in the boutique are suggested sizes so yo

can request for other size - that is within the artwork limitations


styling by Tretow interior
styling by Tretow interior

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styling by



Private Sales

Art purchase for your walls has become as natural as buying flowers for you home. Choosing art can be difficult.

We like to give our clients a enjoyable art purchase experience. We do this by letting the client to reflect in peace online and by offering art advice if requested by home visits or digital ensuring the clients wishes and needs.

Book us for a personal meeting with our art advisor. We can come to our clients home or you can visit our office gallery. If you can not come to meet with us we can meet at any prefered digital platform. 

At the meetings we try to determine our clients personality and taste to make best possible selection art works suited just for the clients needs. Meetings are not binding.


We can exhibit more art works then exposed online. 



The selection

If there is a visual artist you prefer at piQmo bare in mind that we can present a broader portfolio from each artist. 

The photographic art works exhibited at piQmo Gallery is a selection from this artist so take our help for further 

suggestions from your preferred artist. 

We are here for our clients and want to make sure they feel good with their photographic art purchase. Art should be fun and easy to purchase and this is the experience we want to give to our clients. 


Quick tips

1.Hang art low. Lower than you think.

Customary is said to be 110 cm from the floor to bottom frame border of the art work. Try your own way but think low. If you start by nailing them to low the hole from the nail will be hidden by the art work when hanging it higher. 


2.Choose the upper or the lower border of art works and aligned them on the same hight. 

Hanging the art in line on same hight creates a balance in the room.

3.Be more daring and don't follow all advices. 

Your art is personal so find your own way of hanging. If you like it its right for you. 

4.If you feel it´s to much to handle - call us. We are glad to help.