Bergen / Norway

Christiane Dame Huseklepp is a 27 year old traveling artist from Norway. She caught her interest for photography when she was on an exchange program living with a photographer in Mississippi. After college she started studying photography at the Norwegian School of Creative arts in Bergen and received her Bachelor degree from Southampton Solent University in England. She got a job before she was finished with her studies and worked for different photography studios for about two years before she started her travels in 2016.

My work

Materialistic Identity

Ever since I was born I have been formed by the materialistic society I live in, and by the media. I have learned to live by the premisses of man-made society, which is based on rules and laws. I have been formed to be the person I am today, unaware of the impact society and media have had on me. As I got older I always felt like something was not right. I feel like I am serving the society rather than myself. To me, it has always been difficult to find a meaning with all of it. I am wrapped up in my life, with a feeling of helplessness and being lost. I feel like myself, but not like the "real me". The "real me"would not live the materialistic life that I am living.

This series of photographs explores the choices we have as human beings. 

Sometimes it feels like all of the choices that I’ve previously made has led me to a point where there are no good choices left to be made. I don’t know if there’s any shortcut to be found or how many pitfalls to be weary of. I don’t remember how I got here or how long it took me but I don’t like going back and the future is scary.


I better stay right here and hope not to change.

The Kitchen in Mount Lavinia store

Shape of Nature 

I believe we have travelled too far into the world of technology. We have travelled so far we don't know how to be human anymore. This is a project I made while traveling with my beloved friend and wonderful poet Anthony Louis Scioli and here's what he wrote :



I see a Man, a Boy, a Person-

No more than a Child


I see a Human being born,

reaching for Mother 

for air

for nurture;

I see a life reaching for life.


A lost little life

fights for sunshine

In Darkness. 

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