Bergen / Norway

Maria Prestmo was born in 1976 she is a Bergen-based photographer whose projects reside in the realms between figuration and abstraction, between reality and dreams. She often uses different combinations of visual strategies, such as translucency, layers and (reflections in) mirrors to explore our connectedness with the environment.

Her passion for photography has followed her all the way through childhood, youth and her nine years of academic education. The camera has become her way of studying human behavior.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries and festivals such as Galleri Ramfjord (Oslo), Banksmidja Galleri (Voss), HardingArt (Utne), B-open (Bergen), Hydrogenfabrikken Kunsthall (Fredrikstad), and Hardanger Musikkfest (Lofthus).

My work


The Sleep Project

 In my photographic series "The Sleep Project"

I investigate the condition in between being awake and falling asleep. At this condition you might experience the hypnic jerk that is when you feel like your falling or slipping. Its a sort of no-mans-land, the deserted landscape before we enter the world of dreams. This state is not yet filled with dreams, but instead it's rather empty and dark. This is what the photographs expose. Hypnagogia was shot by the glacier lake Jökulsárlon in southern Iceland. The lake has an ice blue glow that feels absolutely magical, and was perfect for this dreamlike state that I wanted to give with the series.