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Anna Seifert was born in 1976 in Sweden. Currently based in Tokyo, Seifert combines commercial photography with independent art projects. Seifert's art photography is characterised by an ability to mediate the object senses and the way she presents authentically. There’s an obscure narrative in Seifert’s work, often continuing from project to project – and her photography inspires the viewer to discover and try to unveil the continuing story behind the pictures. Anna has held several group exhibitions in Norway. She has also published a number of photo books.

My work


Below the poem "I see you" written by Anna Seifert to her photography "soul" 


Life is not for granted
We search for things that matter to us
We find comfort in the idea that there are several seekers
Moving closer to the edge
balancing between everyday life and daydream
We are filled with moments and relationships
that matter to us
We let go
falling down through the surface
reaching deeper
we discover several layers of ourselves
Further into the core
We land, softly
The essence is here, maybe exactly where we stand
What we are looking for is meaning
dare to live for it.



Green Room

Green Room will bring me back to my childhood and the small town in southern Sweden where I grew up. The memories are many and the feelings are difficult to sort. Still, my aim is to reach the childish senses, the impressions I got, the love I felt through care from trusted ones, the sounds that defined an action, a familiar smell.


Annas words to Green Room:

"Time is still 

The grace that you embody 

Watching you, observing your touch 

A hint of trouble 

Stories sealed in walls"

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