We love Art and all the emotions that it arouses! 

Art is the figurative storyteller of human history. It provides us with knowledge from our history as well as gives us insights from the time we live in. The one thing art grants is that it always tells a story. Our mission is to mediate art stories and make the meeting between our selection of emerging artists and art buyers both fun and easy. 


piQmo is a Scandinavian Online Gallery offering curated Art Photography from emerging artists in signed and limited editons.


Our selection of photo art is carefully handled and curated by Paula Lidström and Anna Seifert. All photographs are sold in signed and limited edition. Our editons are only always no matter size. This means you can tailor make your order with a specific size and still feel safe knowing your art purchase stays with one and only one edition. We do not produce new editions with increasing sizes. Our production hold highest quality within printing of art photography with lifetime warranty and is handled by highly skilled professionals. We take care of framing and can tailor make after your request. Get in contact info@piqmo.com




The ethics and quality of our production is of high importance to us. We print on acid free fine art cotton paper from ethical forrest management of finest quality. Our artworks printing technique is with lowest possible impact on the environment and mounted with the best Scandinavian wood. We take pride in working with highly skilled professionals from carefully selected production facilities in Sweden that share our values of ethics, honesty, sustainability and supreme craftsmanship.


Our Art advisors



Founder of piQmo,

educated in Art History and Design

She holds a work experience within Media, PR & Communication, Sales and Business Development both on the Swedish and Scandinavian market as well as in Europe. Paula is educated art historian from the University of Lund in Sweden and thereafter three year of fashion design education from ESMOD in Paris, France. Her work experience ranges from assisting fashion designers in Europe and United States in younger years to leadership of sales forces and developing businesses for small and medium companies, mostly in the media sector in Sweden and Europe countries, the last years. You can reach her directly at paula@piqmo.com



photographer and entrepreneur

Anna is piQmo representative in Tokyo. Anna has a background as a photographer with operations in both Sweden and Norway. As freelance her business consists of mission-based photography as well as her own photografic art projects. In Oslo, Anna has held several photo exhibitions and has also launched a couple of photo books. In addition, Anna has an extensive international experience in banking at SEB as an account manager for large international companies. Now her work consists in supplying quality art photography from piQmo.com to the Japanese market. You can reach her at anna.seifert@piqmo.com 



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